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"Dance is what happens between the beat"

Since 2005

 Zydeco Dance Lessons are now available in the
 Sacramento area

for more info. call (925) 819-2026

" As always, your dance lesson prior to the Eagles' club dance, was great fun. I spoke with several participants who said they'd never been to a Zydeco event before; to a person, they were pleased to have learned a level of comfort with the dance. Your relaxed, yet detailed methods are the reason. Yep, you have the ability to guide folks to having tons of fun in an unexpected way. Thanks for all you do to expand the joy of Zydeco"

"Thank you Ted. I knew you could dance but did not know you was a teacher.Keep it up." Mary

"Mary, not only can he dance, he is the Best zydeco dance teacher in California." 

What is Zydeco?

Zydeco Music is a unique form of musical expression that originated in rural southwest Louisiana. Locally known as "la la" music, Zydeco music was formed and forged in a time best forgotten--a time when African-Americans had to struggle in the fields from sun up to sundown as sharecroppers so that their children might reap a better life.

It was these backbreaking hard times that help to define one of the most vibrant and successful musical traditions in the world. The phrase "Zydeco sont pas sale'" means "The snapbeans are not Salty" in Creole French, and the music draws upon French, Creole, West African, Cajun, Caribbean, and R & B musical traditions. Zydeco Music is characterized by the use of the accordion, spoons, scrubboard, fiddle and triangle.

Beau Jocque performing “Give Him Cornbread”

Beau Jocque Biography

Clifton Chenier album added to Library of Congress

Zydeco Dancing w/Jessica;

People often ask what the difference is between Cajun, Creole, and zydeco music-check out these links to learn more about it all:,

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The Bluesbox Bayou Band:

Dancing at The Tropical Isle, Bourbon St, New Orleans, La:

Horace Trahan "Mr. Bernard"Video:

Jeffery Broussard and the Creole Cowboys Video-Promo:

Bon Temps Social Club of San Diego

Billy Lee

Andre Thierry;

Geno Delafose;

Gary Hayman's NationalCajun & Zydeco Web Page

Call To Schedule Group and Private Lessons 

Also in the Sacramento Area

Private Dance Lessons, Zydeco DJ Parties and Corporate Event!

Mobile Instructor;will travel to you.

For More Information Call (925) 819 2026